Transforming the world, Byte by Byte


Transforming the world, Byte by Byte

A COVID-19 Project


Karnal Covid-19 Dashboard is a fully-featured Covid-19 dashboard for the district of Karnal. It features daily updated Covid case data, interactive graphs, stats, hot spots, Covid bed availability, downloadable Covid-19 reports,  plasma donation forms, and tips regarding Covid-19.

State-wide RTPCR Portals

During this pandemic, access to reports for COVID 19 has been a major stumbling block, for both patients and healthcare authorities. To bridge this gap, the project has been further expanded to multiple districts in Haryana in form of RTPCR reports portals.


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Responsive Design

All websites can be easily accessed on all devices and all screen sizes.

Data Privacy

All the RTPCR report data is secure and can only be accessed through unique SRF IDs.

Intuitive Backend

Backend platform is easy and quick to operate for even a layman.

About Myself

Aakarsh Kaushal

Hi! I am a 12th-grade student in  non-medical stream who dreams to make a career in Computer Science one day. I am passionate about coding and have been learning various coding languages on my own through online lessons. I had been following data related to Coronavirus outbreak in India but didn’t find any credible source of local information about Karnal. That gave me the inspiration to come up with the first website in this Code4Good project in order to not only provide various statistics related to COVID-19 in Karnal but also to provide information regarding various aspects of COVID-19 from credible local and worldwide sources. After the success of the RTPCR report portal,  it was customized and launched across many other districts in Haryana.

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